Whether you're planning a kid’s birthday party, family reunion or bachelor party, SIMA can assure you the thrill of head-to-head racing. With standing-start races available, we offer an authentic racing experience that is unlike anything you have done in the past. 

For coroporate events, SIMA has an atmosphere that promotes friendly competition and communication amongst co-workers, builds camaraderie and morale, both of which have tangible benefits in the workplace.

Price does not include mandatory $3 head sock for sanitary purposes. Guests may use their own full face Snell 2010 approved helmet. 

Drivers Meeting I 10 Minute Practice I 12 Minute Race I Podium Ceremony
Maximum 10 guests. $45 per additional guest.

GRAND PRIX $600 - Extra 10 minute race!
Drivers Meeting I 10 Minute Practice I 10 Minute Heat Race I 10 Minute Final Race I Podium Ceremony
Maximum 10 guests. $60 per additional guest.

Facility rentals are for groups looking to reserve the entire facility including the café. The facility is closed to the public for your private event. This option is unstructured as the karts provided are to use at your own free will (following SIMA’s rules and regulations). Prices do not include the $3 mandatory sanitary head sock fee.

A perfect venue to host your family reunion, large corporate event or party! For larger parties of 40-50 people, SIMA offers a fun filled three hour event. Drivers are split into groups of 10-13 people for the Lap Practice, Heat Race and Final Race. Event ends with a Showdown Race where the top 2 of every group race to determine the winner!

Includes: Introduction and Drivers Meeting, Lap Practice, Heat Race, Final Race, Showdown Race (Top 2 of each group), Podium Ceremony, Personal Head Socks and Helmet Rentals, Use of Meeting Room & Cafe.

- 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The event must be rescheduled in the case of wet weather.
- Rental karts do not run in wet conditions.
- Click here for Rental kart requirements and rules