Kid Kart Scholarship Program

This season SIMA is hosting its fourth annual Kid Kart Scholarship Shoot out! Come out to one of our next races to watch these talented kids in action. Also, registration for next season will be open in January of 2019. Be sure to check back with us!

Children were registered to compete for one of TEN scholarships to race in the 2018 SIMA Summer Series. The winners were be appointed their own kart a racewear to compete in the Kid Kart class category. Drivers must be between the ages of 5-8 with NO previous karting experience.

How does the shootout work?
Participants will work one on one wth SIMA's instructors through a series of stations. With safety first, the participants comfort levels will guide their pace and progress. Judges will be looking for driving skill, ability to follow instruction and overall attitude. Children must be between the ages of 5-8 yers old without previous karting experience. Shoot out is free. $10 insurance band is applicable to driver and accompanied family members.

About SIMA
Sumas International Motorsport Academy (SIMA) is a world class kart racing facility in Sumas, Washington. Karting is a family oriented sport that teaches children about sportsmanship, safe and responsible driving, skills to advance in the sport of racing and comradery.

Please read the the following information before proceeding.
The shootout will be rescheduled in case of rain.
A couple of weeks prior to the shootout, you will receive a confirmation email with your appointed day and time slot.
Each driver must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
Driver must be between the ages of 5-8 years old between the months of April to October of 2018.
Driver must not have any kart racing experience.
Shoot out is free. $10 insurance band is applicable to driver and accompanied family members.
If my child wins a scholarship, what are the additional registration fees that apply?
By winning one of the ten scholarships, your child will be offered a complete racing kart package, racewear, consumables and general maintenance to use in the SIMA Summer Series and practice sessions. This is valued at approximately $4000 per child. Registration fees for the 7 races and 10 practice sessions are $700 plus taxes. No refunds will be granted for missed races and sessions. Price includes insurance passes for driver only.

When and where are the races held?
The races are all held at SIMA. The races will be held in conjunction with the 2018 SIMA Series (Club Races) and one Gold Cup Race (Regional Race). The SIMA Series race days are an all day Saturday event and the Gold Cup event is a Saturday, Sunday event. The Kid Kart class will run in between other classes from approximately 12:00pm to 4:30pm. Due to the popularity of this shoot out and SIMA's investment, each child is expected to attend every race and practice event. The schedule of events are listed below:

Practice Dates:
90 Minute Practice Sessions

Thursday, April 5
Thursday, April 12
Thursday, April 19
Thursday, May 3
Thursday, May 24
Thursday, June 7
Thursday, June 28
Thursday, July 12- POTLUCK BBQ
Thursday, August 16
Thursday, September 13

Race Dates:

Saturday, April 21
Saturday, June 16
Saturday, July 21
Saturday, August 4
Saturday, August 18
Saturday, September 29
Saturday, October 13