Frequently Asked Questions

If I’ve never been karting before, can I just drop in and start driving on my own?

Anyone over the age of 10 is allowed to drive in one of our recreation karts. Please see the minimum age requirements below for more information. Reservations are required are all rental karts. You can reserve your Recreation Kart Rental Race online.Race kart rentals must be made over the phone.

What are the age requirements to drive the karts we have?

Anyone over the age of 10 is able to drive in one of our recreation rental karts. If a child is under 10, but 7 or older, they may be a passenger in our double-seater recreation kart with an adult driver. Parents, not guardians, must be the driver for our double-seater karts. All minor drivers (17 years and younger) must have a parent or legal guardian on site to sign the insurance waiver and remain on the premises while they are driving. All adult drivers 18 and over must sign our insurance waiver.

What are SIMA’s requirements for passing the initial driving test to qualify for driving our race karts?

To ensure your safety and the safety of our equipment, we require 20 minutes of driving time in one of our basic recreation karts before moving into our race karts. Once a SIMA staff member approves your driving competency in a recreation kart, you will be allowed to drive one of the 4-stroke race karts. Similarly, once you have completed 30 minutes of drive time in a 4-stroke race kart and are approved, you are allowed to drive a 2-stroke race kart.

If I’m younger than 18, who can fill out my insurance waiver?

Any minors (17 and under) who plan to drive a kart at our track must have a completed annual insurance waiver on file. All minors must have their parent or court appointed legal guardian sign the waiver before they can drive. Any minors planning to drive on the track WITHOUT a parent or legal guardian present, must bring a copy of the Minor Release form completed and NOTARIZED. If you have any questions about this paperwork, please contact us. The driver will not be permitted on the track otherwise. No exceptions to this policy can be made.

What clothing should I wear to drive a kart?

It is advisable to wear long pants for your protection, but it is not required. You must wear close-toed shoes (no sandals, crocs, etc.).  Long hair must be put in a low pony tail and tucked inside the helmet. No hooded sweatshirts or jackets allowed.

Can I bring food to a scheduled group event?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring food with you to a scheduled group event! We have tables outside by the event area that you are welcome to use. We ask that you provide your own cutlery and please clean up any waste before leaving the facility.

Is the track open year-round? What about when it’s raining out?

Yes, the track is open year-round for use! However, we currently do not operate our rental karts (recreation or race) in the rain, or if the track is wet. This applies to drop-in rentals, as well as scheduled group events and race-kart rentals. We recommend calling us prior to coming out to ensure that we are able to accommodate rentals.  

What is the difference between a recreation kart, 4-stroke & 2-stroke race kart?

The most noticeable difference is that the recreation karts are clad in bumpers to protect the kart from any damage that may occur from going off track or accidental contact with another kart. The second variable is speed: recreation karts reach speeds of 35mph, 4-strokes are capable of reaching speeds of 60mph, and 2-strokes 80mph.

How does someone under 16yrs of age drive a race kart if that is SIMA’s minimum age requirement?

If you are serious about wanting to get into karting and you are below our 16-year age requirement to rent a race kart, the Intro to Karting class that we offer is a great way to start. We allow younger drivers to operate our race karts in this forum because they are receiving one-on one guidance from a driver coach. This ensures that learning occurs in a safe, progressive environment.

If I have experience driving karts can I bypass SIMA’s race kart prerequisites?

We are always willing to work with you to make your experience at the track a great one, but we are also adamant about driver safety and the safety of our equipment. The level of experience you have, as well as, how long it has been since you last drove a kart, plays a big part in our decision-making process with this. We encourage people to call and talk with us about their karting experience so we can determine if your experience level is advanced enough to bypass the usual 20 minute session required in a recreation kart.