In the Pits with Kyson Lemaire Hecker

Kyson Lemaire Hecker
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
Junior 1

What’s the hardest thing you have ever done?
French school.
What’s your favorite book or movie?
Jurassic World the movie.
If you were offered a seat on the next space shuttle would you take it?
Yes, I want to explore outer space.
What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Starting in the last position in kid kart and making my way to 2nd place, and finishing 1st in the finals. Also, getting the SIMA scholarship for the 2018 Season.
What is your superhero name and what powers do you have?
Kysonic.   Invisible, X-ray vision, and super strength. 
What makes you feel brave?
Going through the corners at full speed. 
If you could be an animal, what would it be and why? 
Shark.  So that I can live and breath in the water.
What makes you awesome?
I never give up and I'm competitive.
If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow what rule would you make?
For everyone to get along and have no violence.  Oh, and having no bed time curfew. 
What five words do you think best describe you?
On the track...patient and aggressive.  Quiet in crowds, jokester, hard working. 
Who is your idol and why?
My dad, because he has no fear.
What do you love most about karting?
The friends I’ve made and the competitiveness.
What one goal do you hope to accomplish in karting this year?
To make the podium every race. 
What are you most grateful for?
My dad for getting me in to karting and my mum for letting me.