In the Pits with Owen Ho - SIMA's 2020 Kid Kart Scholarship Winner!

For the past 5 years, SIMA has been proud to offer our Rookie Junior Driver Race Program. Each year 10 children are awarded scholarship opportunities for the upcoming SIMA race series. At the end of every race season, the child who places first overall is awarded a scholarship for the next race season! 

Please help us congratulate Owen Ho
Our 2019 kid kart champion and winner of the 2020 kid kart scholarship!

Q: What's the hardest thing you have ever done?

A: Hiked up a mountain in Hawaii

Q: What's your favorite book or movie?

A: My favorite book is Dogman, movie is Smallfoot

Q: If you were offered a seat on the next space shuttle would you take it?

A: No thanks

Q: What makes you laugh the hardest?

A: My dad tickling me

Q: Would you rather live by the beach or in the mountains?

A: In the mountains

Q: If you could have front row seats to any concert who would you like to see?

A: Coldplay

Q: What's your proudest accomplishment?

A: Winning the kid kart championship

Q: Would you be likely to survive alone in the wilderness?

A: No

Q: Where would you most like to travel?

A: Hawaii

Q: What's your favorite quotation? Flavor of ice cream?

A: My favorite quote is "Never Give Up" and favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry

Q: What one goal do you hope to accomplish this year?

A: Winning the rookie Junior 1 championship

Q: What do you love most about karting?

A: The speed!