In the Pits with Forest Adams - SIMA's 2019 Most Improved Jr. Driver

Every year at the end of the SIMA race season fellow racers come together and vote for our coveted perpetual awards. We want to give each recipient an opportunity to say a little bit more about what it meant to them to receive the award, and to offer words of wisdom to fellow karters.

 Congratulations to Forest Adams - 2019 Most Improved Jr. Driver

Q: How did it make you feel to win the Most Improved Jr. Driver award?

A: Really surprised, but very happy to receive it. I had no idea who would win, but thought Cole O’Connor was going to win.

Q: What do you feel was your biggest improvement in your karting this season?

A: I worked hard to be more aggressive on track, while not worrying as much about colliding with my friends that I race with. Also learning the difference between the dry racing line and the wet racing line.

Q: What areas would you like to continue improving upon?

A: Improving both my apexing and corner exits to use all the track I can more consistently.

Q: Do you have any advice on the commitment it takes to always continue growing and improving the sport of karting?

A: Try to have fun no matter what position you finish your race in and do not get frustrated when it takes awhile to get better. Also, don’t say bad stuff to yourself like “I can’t” or “this is impossible”.

Q: What was the biggest highlight of your racing this year?

A: The last club race of the year when I beat Massimo. I did not believe I got pole in qualifying and it was awesome leading every lap to get my first win.

Q: What are your plans for next season?

A: Win the ICP Cup Championship Tag Cadet championship!