Bring on the Rain - Save $100 on only 6 Exclusive Spots with Coaches Monroe Jordan & Jake Preston

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Living on the West Coast guarantees a fair bit of racing in the rain. And truth be told, that the greatest drivers are the ones who are good in the wet. The techniques needed to drive fast in the wet are very different to the dry.  Here is your chance to improve your chances of becoming a rain master with our exclusive "Bring on the Rain" class with IM coaches Jake Preston and Monroe Jordan.

In the Beginners Intro to Rain class , coaches will teach you how to feel the limits of the kart, trusting the tires and building confidence in the wet. The first step in driving in the rain is learning the racing line. The coaches will teach you the concept of the ran racing line in the pits, walk the line on foot and then tackle it in your kart. From there you will learn how to use the throttle and brake to avoid wheel spin and gain grip. The session will end with tackling the curbs and using them to your advantage.

The Advanced Rain class will work on mastering the racing line by using curbs effectively, ensuring smooth and decisive use of the steering wheel and refining the line on particular corners the driver might be struggling with. A skill often overlooked is using your body to lift and rotate the kart. Coaches will teach you this advantageous skill to gain further confidence and better results. 

***** Valid for drivers with their own kart only ****