• Masks are mandatory at all times.⁠
• Only 4 people per pit, including driver. ⁠
• Social distancing must be practiced except if you are in the same household. 6ft distance must be maintained at all times.⁠
• It is the parents responsibility to ensure that their children are also following all rules regarding social distance and face masks.⁠
• Anyone not complying with any of the rules will be asked to leave the premises without warning IMMEDIATELY.⁠
• All racers will be parked by Mikkail to ensure that there is airflow between the pits and distance is maintained⁠
• All drivers MUST wear helmets to the grid or a face mask. Only 1 person will be allowed to come with the driver to the grid, scales, or tech.⁠
• The person accompanying the driver must wear a face mask as well and⁠
maintain their distance from others⁠
• Everyone is required to bring their own pen.⁠
• Only one class will be allowed on the grid at a time.⁠
• Drivers must maintain 6ft distance on the grid as well.⁠
• Drivers must keep their helmets on while approaching the scales.⁠
• SIMA Café will be window serving drinks only.⁠
• Everyone’s temperature will be taken upon arrival. ⁠
• No access to the shop will be given to any SIMA race staff or visitor.⁠


To our track members, racers and patrons,

As we enter into phase 2, we have made a decision to have the track open and allow open practice to continue until further notice. In an effort to comply with the social distancing requirements in place, we will be regulating the practice sessions so that no more than 10 racers are here to practice at a time. Each racer is allowed 1 additional person to be with them as their pit crew – this includes parents bringing their minor child to the track.

As of June 1st, the kart shop, the service department, race kart practice and private coaching will be available. We are also hoping to host our first SIMA club race on July 25th. Further information will be available in a couple of weeks.

To ensure the safety and health of our staff and our visitors, we are providing you with the protocols and procedures of our re-opening. These items will be assessed, and potentially modified, on a weekly basis.

All visitors must make a phone reservation and pre-pay for the items or services they wish to purchase. All visitors to the facility will be expected to provide their first name, last name, physical address and telephone number, which will be added to our customer log.


  1. Visitors must bring their own pens to sign waivers. A new waiver will be used for each visitor.
  2. Only one additional spectator per driver is permitted at the facility.


  1. Masks are mandatory on the facility at all times. 
  2. Please disinfect your hands upon arrival. We will have a hand sanitation station at the front of the door.
  3. Users must practice social distancing at all times.
  4. Leave the facility immediately after they are done to eliminate congestion/gathering on the property or in the parking lot.
  5. Food and drinks will not be permitted in the building.
  6. Please refrain from touching any product showcased in the showroom.
  7. The dressing rooms will be closed during this time.


  1. Increase the number of hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.
  2. Ensure restrooms are frequently cleaned and appropriately sanitized throughout the day.
  3. SIMA and Italian Motors will regularly sanitize counter tops, door knobs, other common surfaces, cash registers, kiosks, rental karts and frequently touched surfaces including employee used equipment.
  4. When outfitting drivers with helmets, gear, protective clothing, staff will maintain social distance. All gear will be sanitized between each use.
  5. Look for 6 foot markers on the ground of the showroom for physical distancing during check-ins, and when outfitting customers.
  6. Maintain minimum six-foot separation between all employees (and customers) in all interactions at all times. When strict physical distancing is not feasible for a specific task, other prevention measures are required, such as use of barriers, and minimize staff or customers in narrow or enclosed areas.
  7. Install signage to discourage group congregation, or to limit numbers of people in a certain area.
  8. All equipment will be wiped down and sanitized after use. This includes customer karts that have been brought in for service.

Thank you all for your support and understanding during this time. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

The SIMA and Italian Motors Family