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TAG Senior - Age 16+
Masters - Age 40+

TAG Senior
125 Leopard 365 lbs
Rok & Rotax 375 lbs (see. Rotax Rules for engines specs)
X30 365 lbs
Dragon 390 lbs
Yamaha 320 lbs

125cc Leopard and Rotax 390 lbs
X30 390lbs Dragon 410 lbs
Yamaha 320lbs

(See below for tire rule)

4 Stroke Senior   

Engine rules as per IKF. Weights as follows:

STOCK Clone &Honda 345 lbs
STOCK HVY Clone & Honda 380 lbs

MODIFIED Clone & Honda 365 lbs
L0206 365 lbs 
World Formula 400 lbs

Tires are OPEN

Approved tires for Tag Senior and Masters are Bridgestone YKC 

- Mandatory single pit stops
- Fueling in designated fueling area
Karts will be weighed every time they come off the track.  The kart must be TURNED OFF prior to entering the scales and not be driven through the pits.
- Rules will be posted shortly on under Enduro link
- Race distance 1 Hour for 4 Cycles and 2 Hours for 2 Cycles
- Le Man Style start position determined by first drivers to entered to grid
- No gas tanks over 8.5L 
- No onboard radios for driver to pit and/or pit to driver communications, there is a designated area to signal your driver with a pit board
- No belt drive systems, Chain drive only

No chain oilers