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Mar 8 2017

Kid Kart Driver Search this Sunday!

Kid Kart Driver Search this Sunday!

This weekend SIMA will be hosting our third Kid kart Driver Search! 25 kids from BC and Washington will visit our facility for their 45 minute trial with our panel of judges. 

Two years ago, we launched the Kid Kart Driver Search so kids ages 5 to 8 could try out for 10 scholarships and race in SIMA’s Summer Series.  Over the past two years, the program has introduced 20 new families to the sport and we're looking to forward to getting even more families involved in the exciting world of karting this year.

Karting is a sport unlike many others in that it brings competitors of all ages, backgrounds and experience together to share their passion for motorsports. Although the degree of passion might vary, the one thing karters have in common is love for the karting community. Karting is by nature a competitive sport, yet off the track friendships are formed and a sense camaraderie develops in the pits. For families, karting provides parents and their children the opportunity to collaborate with one another as any crew chief and race driver would. The sport teaches responsibility, accountability and maturity -- and it's a lot of fun!

Claudio and Beverley Valiante started karting with their two children Michael and Claudia nearly 30 years ago. The family spent hours at the track creating meaningful memories and forming long-lasting friendships all while competing around the continent. Now grown adults, the Valiante children want to share the sport of karting with the youth today, in the hope that they too can experience the immeasurable joy and life lessons of karting.

We look forward to meeting the 25 applicants and will post results of the drivers search in a couple of weeks!