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Fees and Rates

SIMA is open 6 days a week in the summer from 10am until dusk.   From December to March, the track is open from 9am-5pm Tuesday - Saturday.  For the most up to date information, visit the calender.  

***PLEASE NOTE***, full rear bumpers are now mandatory on all karts even for practice.  We also ask that your kart conforms to the rules listed at the bottom of the page.  In the red bar bar above, you can print and sign the track rules for driver conduct.  Safety is #1 at SIMA!

The track can be run in three different layouts (East, West and full course)  to accommodate schools, rental karts and racing karts all at the same time.  This will allow track time for members whenever the facility is open aside from races.  To view track layouts, click here.  Personal single kart storage is also available through the IM USA Kart Shop, click here for more info.

Any person entering the hot pit area's are required to purchase a pit pass for insurance purposes @ $10.00 each. Designated spectator area's are free and you are not required to purchase a pit pass. 

Once you have reviewed our pricing info, please take a moment and read  through our track rules listed at the bottom of the page.  You can also purchase memberships ONLINE by clicking here.  We can't wait to see you!

 Regular Price* 

Unlimited Practice Membership


Unlimited Family Membership


**See below for eligible family members***

Drop in Passes  


1 Year Storage Insurance ($500 deductible) 


Personal single kart storage Click here for more info




Monthly Kart Storage$90

Annually kart Storage (50% off with purchase  of unlimited membership).   

$900 or $450

*Prices in USD and do not include applicable tax. **Insurance fee not included in membership.

10 x 10 Garage Storage 2 year minimum pre-paid based on availability.  $1800.00 per year.  Membership not included.

  • All memberships expire one year from the date of track opening  purchase unless noted otherwise
  • SIMA is not responsible for lost or stolen parts of equipment.  Kart insurance is available and is for go-kart(s) only.   
  • Memberships are non-transferrable
  • “*****Family Membership”*******includes family members residing at same address. Membership is single with privileges extended to immediate family defined as non-racing spouse, and sons/daughters under 19 years of age.
  • Sharing of garage spaces by members is not permissible unless it is family members who reside at the same address.
  • Sima reserves the right to revoke membership if terms of agreements are broken.

Practice General Requirements. For detailed rules and regs,  click here

  • Approved tires for Sima:BRIDGESTONE YKC, YKB,  MG Yellow, Maxxis HG3 and Mojo. If you don't see a tire listed that you are running here, please contact us to see if it is approved.
  • Airboxes MANDATORY for all Two Cycles and Shifters.
  • All Moto Engines are required to have TRACK APPROVED 14” silencer w/ 60 degree turndown facing in the downward position.  RLV #6123 or M4 #RS-008 w/turndown approved.
  • ICC engines must have well packed silencers.  
  • Full face snell 2000 or newer helmet, karting suit/neck collar/gloves are mandatory at all times.
  • All lead weights must be safety wired or double nutted.  New nylock nuts and steel locking nuts are approved as well .
  • All MINORS must have MINOR RELEASE on file and signed by Parent/Legal Guardian before they can be allowed to practice or race. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Form available with Track Marshall)
  • All drivers 5-11 years old must use an SFI approved ribvest AND chest protector when on track.
  • All SIMA guests are required to adhere to the general track rules.