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Arrive and drive offers an exciting opportunity to get involved in the sport of karting without having to own your own equipment.  If you are new to the sport of karting, this program gives you the opportunity to learn about the sport first hand.

Both 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines are available for rent. 4 strokes are a slower engine, best suited for the less experienced driver, although long time racers also enjoy racing this class. 

If you have no prior karting experience, techniques of karting is a prerequisite for any class you choose to enter.  In order to enter shifter, you must first pass techniques of karting and then pass techniques of shifter karting.

4 Stroke Cadet (Ages 7-12) or Junior (Ages 12-15) 
$250.00 per event

2 Stroke Cadet (Ages 7-12) or Junior (Ages 12-15) 
$350.00 per event

4 Stroke Senior (Ages 16+)
$250.00 per event

2 Stroke Senior (Ages 16+)
$499.00 per event

Shifter (Ages 16+)
$499.00 per event

Additional Information

  • High top shoes required, personal gloves and head sock
  • Driver responsible for entry fee
  • Fuel and oil included for single day racing events.  Practice day rentals do not include fuel and oil.
  • Helmet, suit and neck brace provided
  • Kart package and engine provided
  • Set up of the kart must remain the same throughout the weekend.
  • Any mechanical work required must be performed by IMUSA mechanic
  • Driver is responsible for any damage to kart