Join the SIMA Kart Racing Club and race at one of the best karting facilities in North America. Whether you are karting for the competition or a family weekend getaway, our club welcomes both. We hope to see you at the next event!

2015 TBD

May 9 - June 6 - July 18 - Aug 29 - Sept 26 - Oct 10 

In only its fourth season of racing, the SIMA Series is drawing over 60 participants per race. Part of its attraction is the $24,000 worth of prizes given away throughout the season. The biggest prizes are the four chances to race in Italy at the Rok Cup International Finals. These will be awarded to the Championship winners of Direct Drive., Tag Sr., Masters and Shifter. With the exception of the racing in Italy, prizes on not given to the winners, but instead randomly drawn at the end of each race day. Check out our sponsors page to see the list of amazing prizes!

Online registration closes the Friday night before the event. Pre-register a week in advance to save $25.

Sumas International Racing Academy (SIMA) cultivates a fun, laid back and competitive environment for all levels of racing. SIMA's goal is to re-establish the camaraderie in the sport of karting by strengthening relationships with family and friends who participate in the race day activities, encouraging clean and respectful driving and offering all those to attend the facility with friendly and first class service.

First time racer?  Click here to learn more.

Race dates are a one day event, held on Saturdays. Gates to the facility open at 8:00 am. If your new to karting, spectators are welcome (mandatory insurance bands must be purchased at entrance).

Want to race but you don't have your own kart??? Try SIMA's RENTAL KART RACE. For $50, drivers will have a chance to hone their skills in an 8 lap (approx. 12 minute) Pre Final Race and then put those skills to use in the 10 Lap (approx. 15 minute) Final Race. Only limited space available!

PRE-REGISTER AND SAVE $25.00! (Race karts only)
Race Karts - $85 Entry Fee per Race – Second class $35
Rental Karts - $50 Entry Fee


SIMA will be open for an official practice day on the Friday.  Practice will be free for those of you who decide to pre-register on-line.   Trailers & RV's are permitted to remain on the grounds overnight on Friday. Sign up for the practice day when pre-registering for the event. 


TAG Jr. 1

Age 7-10 

Gazelle (230 lbs), Mini Swift (240 lbs) unrestricted and 100 Leopard w/17mm intake & 25mm Exhaust (250 lbs), Rotax Micro Max (235 lbs) Rotax International rules (See below for tire rule)

TAG Jr. 2 

Age 9-12

100 Leopard w/30mm Exhaust (265 lbs), 125 Leopard w/25mm Exhaust (265 lbs), X30 w/29mm Exhaust (265 lbs), Rotax Mini Max (265 lbs) Rotax International rules(See below for tire rule)


Age 13-16

125 Leopard w/30mm Exhaust (320 lbs),  Rotax (320lbs) under Rotax international Rules,X30 w/31mm Exhaust (320 lbs) (See below for tire rule)
TAG Newbie/TAG Pro.Age 16 up

  Masters (Age 35+) Grand Masters (Age 55+)
TAG SR. - 125 Leopard 355, Rotax 370 (see. Rotax Rules for engines specs), Rok (375 lbs), X30 (365 lbs), Dragon (390lbs), Yamaha - (320lbs),  X125T  - (380lbs)

****TAG Newbie no more than 2 year experience and race by race review to be bumped up to TAG PRO****

 (See below for tire rule)

Masters/Grand Masters- 125cc Leopard - (380lbsRotax - (390lbsX30 - (390lbs) Dragon - (410lbs) Yamaha - (320lbs), X125T - (400lbs)

Direct Drive

Age 16 up

All Homologated ICA or FA 100 cc engines (340 lbs) & Nordam (360 lbs)(See below for tire rule)

Expert Shifter/ Sportsman Shifter

Age 16 up

Stock – Moto, Honda, X125S & TM Tag ICC (385lbs) Modified Honda, ICC, TM Cross (410lbs(See below for tire rule)
4 Stroke Sr light & Heavy

Engine rules as per IKF.  Light weights as follows (Stock) Clone (345lbs), (Stock) Honda (345lbs). Either modified engines (365 lbs), L206 (365lbs)  World Formula (420lbs

Heavy (
Stock) Clone (365lbs), (Stock)  Honda (365lbs).  Either modified engines (380 lbs), L206 (380lbs) World Formula (435lbs

SIMA reserves the right to assign drivers to classes based on engine config and weight*****(See below for tire rule)


Age 15 up

WWR: Re Driver Wanted! $50 per person. Includes Pre-Final and Final. Must be over 15 years old. Winner receives free entry in the next race..


Approved tires for Winter Series SR - Bridgestone YKC or YLCMaxxis HG3, MG Yellow red & White, Mojo D2

Approved tires for JR II and IIIBridgestone YKC or YLC and MG Yellow or White

Approved tires for JR and 4 cycle - Bridgestone YKC or YLC, MG Red, 
MG Yellow or White

** All participants are required to have Winter Series sponsors stickers on their kart. **

 **SIMA reserves the right to adjust weights in order to provide a level playing field. **

Please email for any questions.

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