Age Requirement and Height Requirement

Although we want all ages of drivers to take a spin in our karts, unfortunately the minimum age for drivers is 12 years  old. An exception is made for drivers under the age of 12 that hold a Competitive License at SIMA. Minimum height is 5’ tall.

Drivers under the age of 18 are required to have a parent present to sign a minor waiver. Exception: If parent is not present, the Minor Waiver form can be accepted only if signed by the parent AND notarized. Verification of age may be requested. Please click the link below to download the form.

> Click here to download the Minor Waiver

Helmets and Clothing Requirement

At SIMA, we provide all the essentials and have a full array of helmets and coveralls . It does get cold on certain days when your a driving quickly so we encourage you to bring gloves to keep your hands warm.

    Clothing Requirements
  • Long hair must be secured
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Minimum height is 5’ tall
  • Head sock if using our helmet. (Available at the track for $3.00 + tax)
  • If using your own full face helmet it must be Snell rated 2012 or higher and include full eye protection
  • No hooded clothing is to be worn while driving

General Information

Rental karts are not a contact sport. If we see intentional bumping it will be considered Reckless Driving. Any driving behaviour that is perceived as dangerous or damaging to self, others, kart equipment or the SIMA facility will result in immediate removal from the grounds and no refunds will be given. Suspension from the facility is also a possibility for serious offenders.

Any act of verbal or physical aggression toward another driver or race official will result in immediate removal from the facility with no refund given. Any vulgar display or language will result in immediate removal from the facility.

Although you can enjoy our coffee shop and bar, SIMA has a NO TOLERANCE policy for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. If you are suspected of being under the influence you will be removed from the event and no refund will be given. No alcohol is allowed to be brought on to the facility.

The high performance SIMA karts are controlled by a brake pedal (left foot) and a throttle pedal (right foot). Please do not stand on the throttle while the karts are stationary.

Enter and exit the kart by using the seat or steering wheel for support. Avoid engine area which may be hot.

If you are pregnant, have back or neck problems, or any other medically compromised condition you should consult your doctor prior to kart racing.

No smoking is allowed in the pit area.

All drivers are required to sign a Release of Liability prior to racing. There are inherent risks to any motorsport activity and race karts are no exception. At SIMA there are several postings around the facility regarding Rules of Karting and the meaning of race flags. If you have any questions or need clarification it is your responsibility to ask prior to driving a kart

Rental Kart Info and Schedule

For hours and times of rentals please check our calendar or call us at 360-988-5104.