Join the SIMA Kart Racing Club and race at one of the best karting facilities in North America. Whether you are karting for the competition or a family weekend getaway, our club welcomes both. We hope to see you at the next event!

Self declaration pre-tech form to be handed in to grid marshal prior to first session on track.


TAG Jr. 1

Age 7-10 

Gazelle (230 lbs), Mini Swift (240 lbs) unrestricted and 100 Leopard w/17mm intake & 25mm Exhaust (250 lbs), Rotax Micro Max (235 lbs) Rotax International rules (See below for tire rule)

TAG Jr. 2 

Age 9-12

100 Leopard w/30mm Exhaust (265 lbs), 125 Leopard w/25mm Exhaust (265 lbs), X30 w/29mm Exhaust (265 lbs), Rotax Mini Max (265 lbs) Rotax International rules(See below for tire rule)


Age 13-16

125 Leopard w/30mm Exhaust (320 lbs),  Rotax (320lbs) under Rotax international Rules,X30 w/31mm Exhaust (320 lbs) (See below for tire rule)
TAG Newbie/TAG Pro.Age 16 up

  Masters (Age 35+) Grand Masters (Age 55+)
TAG SR. - 125 Leopard 355, Rotax 370 (see. Rotax Rules for engines specs), Rok (375 lbs), X30 (365 lbs), Dragon (390lbs), Yamaha - (320lbs),  X125T  - (380lbs)

****TAG Newbie no more than 2 year experience and race by race review to be bumped up to TAG PRO****

 (See below for tire rule)

Masters/Grand Masters- 125cc Leopard - (380lbsRotax - (390lbsX30 - (390lbs) Dragon - (410lbs) Yamaha - (320lbs), X125T - (400lbs)

Direct Drive

Age 16 up

All Homologated ICA or FA 100 cc engines (340 lbs) & Nordam (360 lbs)(See below for tire rule)

Expert Shifter/ Sportsman Shifter

Age 16 up

Stock – Moto, Honda, X125S & TM Tag ICC (385lbs) Modified Honda, ICC, TM Cross (410lbs(See below for tire rule)
4 Stroke Sr light & Heavy

Engine rules as per IKF.  Light weights as follows (Stock) Clone (345lbs), (Stock) Honda (345lbs). Either modified engines (365 lbs), L206 (365lbs)  World Formula (420lbs

Heavy (
Stock) Clone (365lbs), (Stock)  Honda (365lbs).  Either modified engines (380 lbs), L206 (380lbs) World Formula (435lbs

SIMA reserves the right to assign drivers to classes based on engine config and weight*****(See below for tire rule)


Age 15 up

WWR: Re Driver Wanted! $50 per person. Includes Pre-Final and Final. Must be over 15 years old. Winner receives free entry in the next race..


Approved tires for Winter Series SR - Bridgestone YKC or YLCMaxxis HG3, MG Yellow red & White, Mojo D2

Approved tires for JR II and IIIBridgestone YKC or YLC and MG Yellow or White

Approved tires for JR and 4 cycle - Bridgestone YKC or YLC, MG Red, 
MG Yellow or White

** All participants are required to have Winter Series sponsors stickers on their kart. **

 **SIMA reserves the right to adjust weights in order to provide a level playing field. **

Please email for any questions.

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